Dismantling assembling furniture

Mounting furniture with screwdriver

If you want to move into a new home, new office or just to replace old furniture with new, if you worry about assembling and disassembling without damaging things, the best decision is to contact us!

Established in 1998, “CORRECT Movers” now is being identified as one of the leading companies in the area of assembling and dismantling of furniture.
We know that some furniture is fabricated and looks easy to assemble in your new home or office, but it isn’t so. If you take this task you can scratch or peel the surfaces or damage some part of the furniture when assembling or disassembling it.

We – movers CORRECT can do dismantling/re-assembling operations for you to save you valuable time and unnecessary headaches.

We have a well trained team made of long experienced professionals .This professionals approach with care to each detail. They will work fast and without any difficulties, they will dismantle your old furniture and assemble your new furniture to turn your apartment into a real home.

We have all the necessary tools and technics to easily dismantle and assemble your furniture and keeping it unharmed at the same time.

„CORRECT Movers” aims to satisfy all your dismantling/re-assembling needs and to meet your big expectations. Working with us you can be sure your furniture is in good hands.

We guarantee high quality, quickness, preciseness and professionalism.

Additional services:

Accept dismantling and assembling furniture we can do the packing and unpacking for you and for this purpose we have the proper packaging materials to keep your belongings safe.
We provide a quick and efficient transfer of your belongings and also their arrangement according to your demands.

Contact us to receive an offer. Organize the furnishing of your home or office quick, easy and safely. Choose us and count on the high quality in assembling and disassembling furniture.

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