mejdunarodni„Any long journey begins with a single step”

The extensive package of professional services that “Correct” movers offer now includes international relocation of home and office.
„Correct” movers team have rich experience in transporting both homes and offices and business buildings. This is a quality guarantee for a relocation at international level too.
The company cooperates with its customers who need to make the big step of moving from one country to another. Full of challenges, this task becomes easier when you turn to professionals who have many years of experience. We will direct you to all the details of the relocation – from the moving of furniture, household goods, valuables and the equipment to the necessity for the issuance of documents for some of the things.

When do you need the professional relocation of „Correct” movers:

  • When you decide to move your property to a country of EU
  • When you want your belongings to arrive on time and when you want a quality guarantee
  • When you don’t want to calculate volume yourself and to worry about the packing

What exactly do we offer to do for you:

  • A pre-view of the belongings you need to transport – furniture, furnishings, office technics, valuables, art objects. We will answer all your questions too.
  • We mark things you are going to need documents for. We explain exactly what kind of documents must accompany any of your belongings so to leave the country unhindered.
  • We pack your luggage complying with all requirements – sizes, materials, inscriptions.
  • We transport it with the right truck. Of course, we have prepared in advance all the required documents.
  • We mount furniture and help moving and adjusting the furnishing.

The price is determined mainly by the volume and tonnage of the luggage that must be moved and the destination which must be reached.

Which parts of the world you can move to by using „Correct” movers.
For now we offer our relocation services in every country of the European Union – Germany, France, Nederland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Romania, Greece etc.
Call „Correct” movers on 0700 1 44 85 or make an inquiry and you will get a detailed, professional information, as well as correct attitude. Trust us.

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