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Movers CORRECT Sofia

We thank you that you are interested in our website and our business. We believe that we can provide the highest level of service at a fair price taking into account your needs and desires.

  • Moving home
  • Moving business
  • International relocation
  • Moving piano
  • Assembly of furniture

“Correct movers” is established in Sofia in 1998.
This gives us reason to say that our experience in the capital is at the highest level because all these years we have faces with any possible situations.


When providing transportation and moving services to our clients CORRECT “Sofia Movers” has the following main objectives:

  • Maximum customer satisfaction – in 15 years of experience in customer service we have followed a general rule: “The client should be satisfied to use our services again and again.” Satisfaction the client does not mean you’re always on profit. We believe that if you put profit on the first place sooner or later you will be thrown out of the business.
  • Fast and accurate execution of orders – the customer orders will be fulfilled quickly and correctly.
  • Affordable price – Depending on the specifics of the order, we will provide the most convenient and fair price. (See pricing options below on this page).
  • Long term relationships – we strive to build a long term partnership with our customers.


Previously fixed price – We fix price after the preliminary free view into place, where our staff meets with the volume and specificity of relocation.
ADVANTAGES: Clarity of expenditure; Opportunity for visual contact with our staff; Determining the details – assembly and disassembly, packing and packaging materials (boxes, bags, wardrobes etc.), number of movers and transport.

Price per hour – Our customers can hire movers and freight transport per hour but at least two hours for each call. The option is appropriate when you want to move furniture or small appliances, internally relocation, packing, assembly and disassembly and others. You can see the price list on our page “prices”.
ADVANTAGES: There is no need for a prior order; Our movers may react to the moment; You can hold the workers for as long as you need; You can call the movers for a job, and later use them to do other activities.

Special prices based on long-term cooperation or a framework contract – Suitable option for corporate customers who often need moving services and transportation services. To specify the exact parameters seek a meeting with our representative.
ADVANTAGES: Security and long-term commitments. Ability to pre-contractual relationships.

Regardless of option you choose, you can be sure that we will done the job so we will win you. We rely on you, so we give the best of ourselves.

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