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Movers CORRECT Stara Zagora

“Correct movers”- office Stara Zagora offers high quality moving services which are suit individual needs and desires of our customers.

  • Moving home
  • Moving business
  • International relocation
  • Moving piano
  • Assembly of furniture

If you want to change your home or office but you don’t have enough time for all the details for moving, the best choice is to contact us!.
Whether you want to change your home, office or you just have need help with packing, moving or transporting your belongings, “Correct movers”- Stara Zagora will help you!

Established in 1998, our company boasts top quality moving services and thousands of satisfied customers.
We work only with extremely polite, educated and well-trained staff who can conserve all your valuable belongings. You can be sure that your furniture is in safe hands.Our professionals can cater for packing and unpacking, assembling, dismantling and transportation of things depending on the individual needs of each client. Discretion is guaranteed.

Here you will find all necessary packing materials including different sizes cartons, bags and fast wardrobes. We have a well maintained transport, which can move not only small belongings but also all your furniture or office equipment.

Thanks to our long experience, our team of professionals will ensure your move fast and carefree as provide all the details. We “Correct movers”- Stara Zagora doesn’t impose opinion, we only fulfill your desires.Another our advantage is that we have a suitable space in which we can store your belongings to your final move in case you have not chosen a suitable new premises.

We offer preliminary view and clearly defined price. For convenience to those of you who need only a part of our services we have provided opportunity for hiring movers and transport at the hourly fee. So you will pay only for the specific service and you will not waste money.
We “Correct movers”- Stara Zagora know that the best advertisement is a perfect job.

The basic principles that guide the provision of our moving services are: loyalty, speed, precision, maximum satisfaction of our customers.
If you are looking for the best moving services, the best relocation or the best transport for your furniture, “Correct movers” is the perfect choice.
We will save you unnecessary headaches, valuable time and money.

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