Moving a piano

Moving a piano

To arrange a truck with suitable volume, which can fit all your luggage at once – this is a bit difficult, unless you contact a company that offers professional movers services.

We –„Correct” movers – have a well-maintained freight fleet. They are driven by experienced professionals. Our drivers study the route they have to go in advance and they comply with all the restrictions on movement of trucks passing through settlements.
With us your property is transported quickly, economical and without any risk of paying fines and standing penalties for violation of the rules.

The trucks we have are grouped into the following categories:

  • 15 – 20 cubic meter, up to 1,8 t payload. This class trucks are allowed to enter the central city areas.
  • 25 – 30 cubic meter, up to 4-5 t payload. In the central city areas the entrance of trucks bigger than 3,5 t total weight is not allowed without a permission. If there’s a need of such truck for your relocation, we will take care of the permission. A truck of this size is also suitable for long distanced destinations.
  • Over 30 cubic meter, up to 10 t payload. This truck is used mainly for long distanced destinations.
  • Crane truck up to 8 t payload and up to 7 t  lifting capacity of the boom.

Even if you pack all your belongings alone you will need a truck to transport it.
Contact us – “Correct” movers. We will provide the best truck and we will get the loading and unloading of your luggage. Unless of course you want to take advantage of our additional services: packing, storage of furniture, machinery and personal effects, furniture.

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