Moving home

Moving home„Home must be centre, but not a horizon”

How does a relocation with “Correct” movers flow

Contact us a few days before the relocation. Together we specify if you need us to help you with packing or we must only carry over your furniture and possessions. We arrange a date and time to make a view of the place you are leaving and the place you are about to move to. We give you some advices on what kind of packaging materials you should use if you are going to pack the things yourself. We discuss the possibility of parking at both locations.

We make a free view of the places. You meet our representative before we started the main part of the work. We want you to be calm that your belongings are in good hands and nothing will be damaged or lost. We take sizes of doors, stairs, halls, in case they are narrow and there are long, wide sofas, a piano or any other big furniture that can’t be dismounted but has to be moved out.

We pack furniture and possessions. We approach with care and professional manner. We pack fragile things by a special way. We label every box so that you know where everything is. We dismount the furniture and than wrap their parts, so that they are easy to be mounted.

Load and carry. In the pre-view we have decided what kind of vehicle we need. If you have any requirements on the order of moving out your belongings we comply with that. We aim by making fewer courses to transport your entire luggage to the new place fast and without letting traffic or the absence of parking spaces to surprise us. Visit „Transport”  section or call us for more information.

Mounting furniture. In “Correct” movers’ team work professionals who will mount your furniture quickly and will help you with the arrangement of all heavy things or those which are hard to carry. This service is provided only at the express request of the client. Read more in „Mounting furniture” section.

Signing an acceptance protocol. It’s important to us that the team who helps you with the removal gives us the completed acceptance protocol, signed by you. In this protocol you can add eventual comments. This way you help us keep the high quality of our services, to grow and improve them.

Can I use just part of your services. Of course you can. We provide the full range of services related to relocation from one home to another but you can use just a part of them – those you need. We are ready to help you both with giving you advices and actually packing, carrying, dismounting, mounting furniture and cleaning too.

The view is required only when you move pianos, Royals, safes, machines and other large and heavy things.

With “Correct” movers you enjoy the happiness and the excitement of moving into a new home.
Call us on 0700 1 44 85. We will take care of everything else.

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