Moving office


Packing, moving and arranging the office when you’re moving from one place to another must happen as fast as possible to avoid hindering the working process. In „Correct” movers we are aware of all the problems you have to solve to make this possible. That’s why we offer our help.

What kind of companies address us
All kind. No matter if you are a small or a big company. No matter what your field of activity is. We pack and transport office equipment, office supplies, documents, archives, machines – everything.
“Correct” movers have over 15 years of experience in relocating small offices and whole office buildings.

Relocating how does it flow with “Correct” movers

Free pre-view. We come at time convenient for you and make a view of the place. In case there are big machines, safes and unusual objects to transport – we take measures of the doors, windows, halls, stairs and we decide beforehand how to move them out.

We talk about which services you want to use. After that we make an offer we discuss it with you, we sign a contract and on the appointed date we start working.

Packing of office furnishing and office technics. You can do this alone or you can entrust it to us. In the first case we only bring the materials. In the second case we dismount the furniture, carefully pack the office technics and we transport it cautiously. We guarantee that everything will be transported, mounted and arranged totally intact if you engage us for this task.

Carrying, transporting, moving in. We have checked the route earlier and we specified parking spaces. We offer our help also for mounting office furnishing and technics. Learn more about our vehicle fleet in Transportation.
Signing an acceptance protocol. Signing this you confirm that we have moved your office without causing any damage and within the agreed period. If you have any remarks and comments you can write them down. This way you help us keep the high quality of our services.

Payment and invoicing. The payment for our service is in cash or by bank transfer and it is made when receiving an invoice.

Contact us on 0700 1 44 85 or use the inquiry form. “Correct” movers – we relocate your office with no disturbances of the working process.

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