Moving Step by step

1. Date

Be one of those 10 % of people who plan their relocation on time. Define the date as early as possible to have enough time to make all the steps below.

2. Choosing a relocation company

This is related to browsing at least a dozen sites and many calls. Shortly what to look for:

  • Гаранции за коректност на обявената цена. ( ние предлагаме писмена оферта с фиксирана цена и точно описание какво включва тя )
  • A guarantee for the correctness of the announced price (we provide a written offer with fixed price and an accurate description of what it includes).
  • A guarantee for the quality of the service – the most important thing for a relocation is that the possessions are transported with no damages. This can be achieved only when the luggage is well packed and cautiously strengthened when transporting(we provide all kinds of packaging materials, we also recover possible damages which occurred when transporting – if found it happened that way)
  • Complexity of the services offered by the contractor – a relocation is almost always accompanied by services related to dismounting/mounting furniture, packing, providing packaging materials, a place for storing luggage for a certain period of time etc. Not looking for different companies for each of these things, you should ask in advance for the range of services of a company (don’t forget also that the complex price is always more advantageous than the price per piece).We offer all the services mentioned above plus dynamic solutions for any unexpected events.

If you are already tired of searching and comparing do as in love – trust your intuition!

3. Things we should know to prepare an offer:

  • Both addresses of picking up and delivering.
  • Floors of picking up and delivering.
  • Are there elevators at both places?
  • A list of the things to move.
  • Will there be any need of dismounting/mounting furniture?
  • Are there things which require a special packaging?

4. Boxes and packaging materials

You can order them from the relocation company or you can find them yourself.
(You can ask in the supermarket or in the greengrocery)
But, if you want to use professional moving boxes, the main types according to their designation, are:

For documentsSize:55/35/35sm.5 ply with handlesMax. load25kg
For documentsSize:40/30/30sm.3 plyMax. load15kg
For lightweight objects and technics (PC)Size:60/40/40sm.3 plyMax. load15kg
For lightweight objectsSize:50/50/70sm.3 plyMax. load15kg
Wardrobe boxSize:50/50/120sm5 plyMax. load20kg

Prices and boxes and packaging materials !

5. Time to clean

You have already chosen a relocation company or at least have listened to the guidelines. You have ordered boxes and you are ready to pack.
Now it’s time to clean. That’s the moment to check your things and to get rid of the old and unneeded ones. (tip: think of donating them to somebody!)
With the cleaning you will reduce the volume of your luggage which will reflect well to the cost of the relocation too.
There’s a big chance of finding things you’ve been searching for soooo long and you thought were lost.

6. Common list

Make a common list of the furniture and the assets to move.(or ask the relocation company to prepare such)
It is good to have two copies (one for you and one for the company)

This list will help you check if your entire luggage has arrived at the new place.

7. Detail list

This list is only for you and you can write down the content of each box. When you start unpacking and arranging your luggage at the new place you will be grateful you didn’t save time for it.

8. Packing your personal belongings

Put the boxes together and check if they are well sealed so that they won’t be opened while transporting. The boxes must be well packed (using papers or what you choose for filling the gaps), but not overloaded (movers are people tooJ ).
Wrap the fragile things using wrapping paper or bubble wrap and mark that the box contains such.
For transporting the clothes from your wardrobe, it’s best to order rental wardrobe boxes.
This will save you valuable time and the unpleasant ironing of all shirts, suits, dresses, etc. after the relocation.
For all other clothes you can use ordinary boxes and bags. We cherish your time and that’s why we can pack and unpack the whole luggage for you!

9. Marking and labeling

It is recommended that furniture and boxes are labeled as to be put on the right places.

We use the following exemplary nomenclature but you can use your own.
(We can provide labels like those below but the same can be achieved using paper scotch tape)



box №





10. Furniture (dismounting/mounting/packing)

You have done all the laggard and sometimes frustrating work of packaging your belongings in boxes and bags. It is furniture’s time. Dismounting wardrobes, sections, beds, children’s beds, kitchen cupboards…

If you are dexterous enough you could manage with this task yourself. And it’s not an insignificant fact that this way the price for the relocation gets better.
If you still decide to trust our experience it is good to know that our boys deal with everything built through any links, but sometimes (especially in the kitchen) cupboards are glued!
This kind of cupboards is usually problematic because they must be cut, and then mounting is more specific too. Often they require a professional cabinet-maker (we partner with such a specialist, but you should tell us about having these cupboards in advance so that he could come and look at them).
After dismounting comes the packaging.
(It’s important to know that the price in our offer also depends on what kind of packaging materials are used,when packing furniture)
If your furniture is not so new or shiny you can ask just for a stretch foil to pack it (80% of cases). If you still are among the other 20%, then you should know that we have a wide range of quality packaging materials (bubble foil, craft foil, corrugated, professional transport blankets etc.)

11. Electrical appliances

Washing machine – a mistake that our clients often make is the washing machine not to be disconnected until the day of relocation
(that could happen, but mostly it fails to drain and that leads to an unpleasant flooding).
Refrigerator – it’s better for it to be disconnected on relocation day and possibly at its end (you won’t throw all your frozen food yet).

12. Plan of the new location

If your house or apartment is big it’s better that you have a plan.
It may not be а professional one but having it our boys will be prepared exactly which thing where to put and second furniture and boxes displacement will be avoid.

13. The day of the “Big move”

Don’t let the fatal number in the ordering frighten you.

Given that you have fulfilled all the items, you can now leave yourself in the arms of the professionals.
What you think difficult, we do every day!
Still there’s briefly how we proceed:
Loading address:

  • At the appointed hour our team arrives at your address with the truck. (it’s good to think of finding a parking space especially if you live in the central city area)
  • If your luggage is not too much, dismounting and packing of the furniture happens in the day of relocation and we start with it.
  • The voluminous furniture is loaded in the truck before other things and the boxes and smaller things come at the end.
  • After loading, check one more time with the person in charge if everything is put in.
  • Most cases there is no place for the client in the truck while traveling to the new address, so it is better that you find yourself another transportation.

The new place:

  • If everything at the new place is renovated and new (parquet, walls)it’s better that you have got some floor mats for the boys to step on(especially if it’s rainy or snowy outside) and protective angles for the edges of the walls.
  • After the whole luggage is unloaded and put into places, furniture is mounted and work is going to its end, check with the person in charge if everything is available according to the list you’ve made.
  • When the relocation is completed, our employees will give you an acceptance protocol to sign. If you have any remarks fill them in “Remarks” field in. If you are satisfied with the work done you could mark this too (everybody loves to hear a nice word). This info is the feedback from the client and it’s really important for us. Using that information we can remove our disadvantages and encourage those employees who deserve.

14. Payment

It is better that the payment method is clarified in advance – directly or by bank.
If you choose a direct payment, the amount you give to the person in charge is written into the acceptance protocol. Then, if you want an invoice to be issued, you should fill in the protocol the company info and an address on which the invoice will be sent.
If the payment is by bank, except the information for an invoice, you should write an e-mail address on which to receive an e-invoice signed with an electronic signature.

15. After the relocation…

The job is done, payments are made. Our representative will contact you on the phone to check if everything went well.
If you were satisfied with our service you can like us on our facebook page.
yes, don’t forget to recommend us :-).. CORRECT – “SOFIA MOVERS” LTD. is a full member of the European and the Bulgarian Relocation Associations.

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