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KOREKT REMOVALS offers a full range of relocation services for home and office in Bulgaria and in Europe. We started in Sofia as a company for relocation, freight transport and moving services. Our professional skills, deadline observation and the correct attitude to the customers let us grow and expand.


We have an excellent vehicle fleet. Well trained teams having over 20 years of experience can help you anytime giving you advice or assistance. We are specialized in moving luggage in every EU country. With us your things will arrive on time and in perfect condition to every point in Europe.

You can use our full range of services or choose only these you need. We offer:

  • a free view of the premises and a consultation;
  • a free offer;
  • packing of goods;
  • luggage transport;
  • mounting, dismounting and carrying furniture;
  • moving of pianos and grand pianos;
  • consultation and cooperation when you need documents concerning transportation of your possessions, machines, freight etc.
  • storage of personal belongings, freight, shipments;
  • sales of boxes and packaging materials;
  • assistance in internal displacements, general cleaning and small home repairs.


We at KOREKT REMOVALS have set several main purposes in working:

  • Maximum satisfied customers. It’s important to us to carry your things as if they’re ours – carefully, with nothing to be damaged or lost. If you want to pack, dismount and mount the things yourself, our team will give you some advices how to do it most quickly and qualitatively. We know that if you are satisfied with us you will call us again. That’s why we put our customers in the first place.
  • Fast and accurate fulfillment of the orders. Relocation is usually connected to additional costs and many concerns. We want to spare you as much as possible from both. We always fulfill the commitments we’ve made in the right time and we observe your requirements.
  • Clear pricing. We want you to know what you’re giving your money for. That’s why we are ready to answer all your questions, we make simple pricing schemes and give an offer consistent with your budget.
  • Creating long-term relationships. Relationships built over time allow partners to know better each other’s needs and to respond more flexibly, fast and efficiently. That’s why we always try to create long-term relationships with our partners and our clients, so we can be more helpful.


We guarantee that you will be pleased with our services!

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